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How do I choose an umbrella company?Top umbrella companies in the UK

Compare the Umbrella only use Contractor reviewed and Agency approved umbrella companies.

As you will have seen from our comparison page, there are hundreds of umbrella companies out there to choose from.

Have a look at our Top 10 Umbrella Companies, or for a full list click here.

Here are the top things to look for when comparing umbrella companies:


Weekly Fee

This can be anywhere from £15 to £32 a week.

Insurance Cover

Not all umbrella companies provide the same level of cover. Look for a company that have what you need.

Customer Service

Great customer service with quick and efficient payroll turnaround.

Contractor Reviews

Read what other users have written and check out the umbrella company’s ratings. This can be one of the most useful factors in choosing your company.


Other things to look for:

Company Compliance

At Compare the Umbrella we only use Contractor reviewed and Agency approved Umbrella Companies meaning that they have a history of good practice in the industry.

Beware of Marketing Ploys

You will see umbrella companies advertising very high percentage take home pay which can be misleading and may be calculated based on claiming lots of expenses which aren’t relevant to you. Similarly any claims relating to being IR35 compliant are irrelevant for umbrella company contractors as they are legally employees and so aren’t affected by IR35.

Extra Costs

Some umbrella companies will charge joining or exit fees. Make sure to find out all of the charges you are liable for before signing up to an umbrella company. Always read the small print and ask for clarification if necessary.

Payment Schedule

This could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the umbrella company. Choose the payment schedule that suits you best.

 Does your recruitment agency have a list of preferred partners?

Many recruitment agencies will only work with umbrella companies that they have an established partnership with, so ask for their list of companies as a starting point.


If you are interested in joining a pension scheme, find out which umbrella companies offer this.

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We only use Contractor reviewed and Agency approved Umbrella Companies


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