Are Umbrella Companies The Safe Option?

Joining an umbrella company means that all your legal and financial obligations are taken care of:

  • • There is no need to worry about unexpected tax bills or being on the wrong tax code
  • • All your National Insurance contributions are taken care of
  • • Option to receive Holiday Pay
  • • Access to Statutory Maternity Pay
  • • Entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay
  • • Entitlement to State Pension

We only recommend trusted Umbrella Companies. We thoroughly research all the Umbrella companies on our site to ensure that they are compliant with HMRC guidelines and provide excellent customer service.

All the umbrella companies on our comparison site have been reviewed and verified for your peace of mind and we do not endorse the following: inflated expense claims, advance payments, companies with no verified history, companies with consistently bad reviews.

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