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Best umbrella comparison siteJoining an umbrella company is quick and easy


Follow these simple steps to join an umbrella company:

  • Choose an umbrella company. Use our comparison site to choose the best umbrella company for you.
  • Register online. Your account should be ready to use within 24 hours.
  • Pass on your contract details. Send all of the necessary information to your umbrella company. They will need to know the start and end dates of the assignment, the client / agency information and your pay rate.
  • Send the details of your umbrella scheme to your recruitment agency.
  • The umbrella company will need to sign a contract with the agency and / or client.
  • Send your personal details to the umbrella company. You will need to supply your bank account details and National Insurance number. Send your P45 if you have it.
  • Sign a contract of employment with your umbrella company.
  • The client will sign your timesheet to confirm how many days/hours you have worked.
  • Submit your timesheets to your umbrella company online by the deadline. Also remember to include any expenses.
  • Your umbrella company will then invoice your recruitment agency, and process your expenses claims.
  • You will receive your payment as agreed with your umbrella company, often weekly. Your PAYE payslip will list your tax and NI contributions as well as your umbrella company fees.


umbrella company feesCompare the Umbrella realise that sometimes there’s just too much to get done.

That’s why we have created an online submission form that covers everything we require to get you signed up to the right umbrella service.

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